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Chilliwack, BC, Canada

I did it! I got The Chair! No, not the electric chair. The Sedan Chair! The Lt. Governor’s Trophie! I am the second woman and first American woman to ever win in the 127 years of this match. I also won the entire BC Open Championship as well as several other individual and Grand Aggregates! Look at all of the cool silver trophies in the photo.  I am sitting in the Sedan Chair they carried me in. Video of chair is also attached here. I do not get to take the trophies home however. I don’t think I would want to try to get them through the border. Some are 100 years old and real silver. They took photos of me with each one up close. And my name will be engraved on them forever. I am so much on cloud 9 I can’t begin to explain. I knew I wanted it. I managed a perfect score for the final shootoff of 75/75 with 9 V’s. (15 shots for record each worth 5 points) I was almost embarassed how many times I got up to accept a trophy at the ceremony. But…not really. So cool!

I am waiting for the final results with all of the names of the matches and I will post that when I get them. But as you can see in the photo I had about 12 trophies plus several medals that are not shown. Picture at bottom is of gold embroidered patch for the Lt. Governors.

I can’t leave out Charles in this entry. His first match like this and he also won about 5 or 6 trophies. Way to go Babe! We even won a high scoring family trophy.

You will notice one trophy is a large wooden and glass case with a rifle in it. This was a Martini Henry Rifle given to the BCRA by the London Shooting Club back in 1884 approximately. Took a couple of people to hold it up with me.

A strange feeling I have tonight. Did that just happen? Did I get carried in the chair? Seems a blur. But I am watching it on film. It really did happen. I need to pinch myself. Thank you all for your well wishes! It worked!

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can…..” 
Boy did I hear that repeated to me a few times today!

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