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General Vokes Range – Chilliwack, BC

Great Day! As you can see in these photos it was an incredible day. You are looking at our US Team of 8 shooters for the International Team Match. We had to beg for and borrow one Canadian to join us since we only had 7 who came up here. He owns land in AZ so he has at least one foot in. From left to right is Bob Gamboa, Ken (our Canadian), Alex Tanaoka, Charles Mohseni(my sweetie), myself, Wayne Budbill, Mike Dunia and Gary Rasmussen. There are 3 legs to the International Team event and today was the 300 meter portion. We are tied with Canada and they are ahead a few V’s. We have to finish tomorrow at 500 and Monday at 600 meters before we can declare a winner.

For today’s individuals I had some great results. As did Charles! I am giving the names of the individual matches even though most people won’t know what they mean. But they sure sound impressive! The Lt. Governors Cup (the one that ends with the Sedan Chair) has me in First place! Now to hold on for two more days. Charles is in 3rd. The Past President’s match I am 1st. The Fred Asher Agg, combining a couple of matches has Charles in 1st and myself in 3rd. The B.C. Open, me in 1st! The Life Governor’s Cup I am in 2nd and The McDonald Stewart Agg I am in 2nd.  Whew! Tomorrow brings more Cups and more Aggs that will continue from today.

Highlight of today was seeing Mike Dunio’s new rifle. He saw a rifle stock in Australia last year he had to have. It is made in Switzerland. A Grunig & Elmiger. His gunsmith had a heck of a time getting it imported here and it cost him so much he won’t even tell anyone what he spent. He put a Krieger barrel on it with a Barnard action. Check it out in the photo. It is very much like the innards of a watch. Lots of moving parts. But very cool and shiny and space age. The front part of it looked like I could plug my phone in to it to recharge it. Mike said he is not actually sure he likes it yet. It is taking awhile to get used to all of the adjustable parts. Whatever. I want one just to say I have one. Now for the money…..

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can……”

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