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February 28, 2010 posted by 30calgal

Winchester Bullet Case Drop Necklace

What do you think? I have been designing jewelry lately and was thinking there has to be something I can do with used and new bullet components. Here is my…

February 15, 2010 posted by 30calgal

Safety Glasses A Must – Banana Killers

Wondering what a banana photo is doing here? This banana was in my lunch sack on a bench behind me in the pits. Notice the little white thing sticking out…

February 14, 2010 posted by 30calgal

Great Note to Leave On

I leave tomorrow for LA for the final casting. Yea! Today we had a 500 yard match up north at the Machias shooting range. Managed to stay dry enough while…

February 7, 2010 posted by 30calgal

AZ Berger SW Nationals Day 3 – YEA!

I could not be happier! The days keep getting better. One sometimes has to pinch themselves wondering if the streak may end. I have proven myself to myself and others…

February 5, 2010 posted by 30calgal

AZ Berger SW Nationals Day 1

Yea! I must pat myself on the back. I cleaned the first string at 800. So out of 150 points I got 150 points with 8X. At 900 yards I…

February 3, 2010 posted by 30calgal

Practice Day at Ben Avery Range

Today was my first day at the Ben Avery Range here in Phoenix. I swore we must have taken a wrong turn somewhere and ended up at Rattlesnake Ridge by…