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Puyallup, WA – Paul Bunyan Rifle Club

Winner Master Class! Day 2 of this match was Across The Course with either service rifle or match rifle. I entered the service category with my AR15. For not having shot this rifle as much as my prone gun I did very well. I ended up with a Match Win again for the day in the Master Class. Yea! Allen Spiker won the entire match with his service rifle against the match rifle. He is too good. Congrats to Allen and then Gary Rassmussen who took second. Thinking I was on a roll I was hoping to go in to the Monday Leg match with a win as well.

No such luck. Monday I could not seem to pull it together. 600 yards did me in. The mirage was extremely switchy. Everyone had problems but I just could not make it work. 300 rapid was my best string even though the sun at that time of day completely camouflaged the targets. At 200 rapid I did fine but 200 offhand was a disaster. Offhand ends up being the last string of the day. One is so tired and you have to lift the rifle up and try to not have a wobble zone. I was hoping I would be so tired and not care that the shots would just go in the center. Did not happen. First Leather. Do you know what that is? Only 2 people were able to qualify for Leg points. I got third place. In other words, nothing. First Leather.

There is one more Leg Match in Tri-Cities at
Rattlesnake in September. That would be my last
chance for the year. One can only enter 3 Leg match opportunities a year unless you go to Perry which can be a fourth. I sense a long journey to earn these points.

I will be driving North to Chilliwack, BC at the end of this month for The BC Full Bore Championships. This is the match you get carried in the chair back to the club house led by a band of bag-pipers. I can’t wait.

“Shoot Like A Girl If You Can…..”

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