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Paul Bunyan Rifle Range – Puyallup, WA.

What do most people do on a three day 4th of July weekend? Go on vacation. What do I do? Go to a 3 day regional championship. And am I ever glad I did! This three day event consists of a 600 yard prone 60 shot on first day, Across The Course on day 2 and a Team and Leg match on Monday, day 3. Today was the 600 yard event and I was match winner! I broke the 5 year winning streak of Mike Mauer. Final score was 599/600 with 39X. Trent Herring was 1st HM and Mike Mauer 2nd HM. I will have their scores for you tomorrow.

My first string for the day I dropped a point making a score of 199/200 with 10X. For a match like this and with the competition around me it is scary to drop a point. But my second string was a perfect 200 with 15X. Third string I was quite nervous actually. I could have dropped one point and still win but X’s needed to be strong to do so. I did not want to drop anything of course. Good fortune came my way and I had another clean with 14X. I knew then I had won the match. I was surprised at my high X count because the mirage would switch almost at every single shot. I think I put on or took off 1/2 minute every single shot. My instincts were right and they stayed in the middle.

Charles won his Expert Class so we both won medals again this week! Tomorrow I pull out my AR15 again and will try to win the Master Class for Service Rifle. And of course Sunday my goal is a win in the Leg for more points toward my Distinguished Badge.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can……”

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