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Today is about the darkest and wettest day I have seen in a long while. Day 1, practice at Douglas Ridge Rifle Range. Pretty good turnout there today. All of the Canadians who came down for last weeks match at Rattlesnake stayed on this side of the border for the week to also participate in this event. At 10:00 this morning I actually had a small window of no rain and was able to shoot 10 rounds at 800 and 900 yards. By the time we made it back to 1000 the skies opened up.

Personally, for a practice I don’t think it is worth it to get all of my gear soaking wet and have to spend all night hoping it dries. Especially my rifle. That would be an expensive rust bucket. My zeros at 8 and 9 were right on and not at all different from what they were at Rattlesnake. I am confident to go back to 1000 tomorrow. This range is like no other I have shot at.

Douglas Ridge is not to far north/east of Portland. A very green area with lots of trees. Let me guess why so green? RAIN! Always. It is a pretty place though. Unlike Rattlesnake which is a dust bowl, this place is all grass and trees. The odd part of shooting here is that you are shooting up a hill. The berms where we lay down are also up hill. I am not used to this. I found I had to change my positioning a bit. There are only 3 flags here also. And they all go different directions. I am told you should actually keep your spotting scope up on the hill side in the trees instead of on the ground in front of the targets. There are many valleys the wind can sneak in from. Flags and mirage lie here. Trees are telling the truth. This will be an interesting match. I can deal with odd winds. But I pray tomorrow it is not raining as hard as it is right now.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can…….”

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