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Rattlesnake Clean – Definition – When all targets on the range come up as a miss at the same time. 1000 yard line. The flags pole are bending over. The flags are pointing up. You could not leave your gear unattended or it flies away. Although strong the angle of the wind was at about 1-2:00. Which means the value is not quite as strong as at 3:00. So I made my best guess and put on 12 minutes of wind. Not enough. The whole line came up a miss. Pretty amazing to see actually. So I had to at least add another 5 minutes to get on paper. That did it. I got in to the 9 ring at 3:00. Another two minutes added on and my first shot for record was a 10. Whew! But a total of 18 – 19 minutes of wind is nuts! I finished the string with a 148/150 and 5 X. I only dropped 2 points! Could not believe it. Had so many people come up and shake my hand. I had match winner score for the day at 1000 yards. My overall was great only dropping 10 rounds. Unheard of on a day like this. But then there was David Littlefield. An amazing 3 points down. But I got him on that string!

The Wranglers could not make up the 5 points from yesterday to catch up to the US Under 25 Team (I am corrected. This was not Bad Apples. It was the US Under 25 Team which is even better for us in the final outcome) but at least we  stayed in the same spot. Still 5 points down. Tomorrow is at 1000 yards and anything can happen. We have one more day of the individuals at 800, 900 and 1000 yards and then the final team at 1000. As of today the individuals has me in second place, David Littlefield in 1st and Micheal Storer with an amazing comeback in 3rd. I came here to win. One round at a time tomorrow of my best performance. Let’s dot it!

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can……….”

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