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February 27, 2011 posted by 30calgal

Tanfoglio Witness Limited Elite Pistol

I did it. I have “pulled the trigger” and finally decided on a pistol for competition. I should say both Charles and I have. The .40 S&W Tanfoglio Witness Limited…

February 24, 2011 posted by 30calgal

Anette and Carmen – New Profile Photo

One of my gal friends called me last week and said she was hosting a “photo” party. A photographer, James Warren,, did a special session and set up a…

February 15, 2011 posted by 30calgal

My First USPSA Match – Video

[youtube url=”″] Charles and his friend Brian brought me out to participate in a USPSA match at Paul Bunyan range yesterday. Brian is a great friend of Charles who competes…

February 11, 2011 posted by 30calgal

Sighting in New Palma Rifle – Oops

A couple of days ago I grabbed all of my gear. Old and new Palma rifles, check. Warner sight, check. Front Right Sight, check. Shooting jacket, glove, sling, mat, scope…

February 6, 2011 posted by 30calgal

Career in Teaching?

Every summer in late July, myself and about 15 girl friends go on a “Chick Weekend”. We head out to our secret location and “camp” for 5 days. Define camping?…

February 4, 2011 posted by 30calgal

Testing more Competition Pistols

Still on a mission to purchase a competition pistol, Charles and I went to try out West Coast Armory an indoor range on the East side of Seattle. I like…