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October 31, 2011 posted by 30calgal

Shooting Bloopers

Awhile back I posted about my embarrassing moment of when I left my brand new rifle at the 1000 yard line in Sacramento as I drove back to Seattle, WA….

October 24, 2011 posted by 30calgal

Good Cop Bad Cop – Seattle Police

An unfortunate event happened today down below our condo in downtown Seattle. At midday this Sunday I heard yelling and then “pop. pop, pop”. No mistaking that they were gun…

October 9, 2011 posted by 30calgal

It Takes 2

I do realize that most of the time I write these blog entries in a very “Me” sort of way. Okay, a very selfish, all about me kind of way….

October 3, 2011 posted by 30calgal

Testing! Testing!

An online ammunition distributor, approached me recently through my 30calgal blog to ask if I would test and review some ammunition for them in my own style. Who am…