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How quickly I am humbled. As clean as yesterday was today was just the opposite. My first string of the day I had a procedural for not stepping in to the shooting box all of the way and had 2 jams on my shotgun. The next stage I had a miss and a no shoot. The last stage of the day I had 2 non-neutralized and one miss. With my rifle of all things. I just had a brain crumble and did not pay attention to what I was doing. On another stage I had several .223 rounds that did not fire. When I tried to release the mag to change it out I could not get it out. They should just fall out but this one I had to yank out. That cost me a ton of time. I threw that mag out. So my times and accuracy will bring me down today. This stage you see with pistol was the only one that was not too painful to watch. It was an okay stage but nothing great. The good news is it managed to stay dry all day although pretty cool.

I am trying to watch the really good shooters and watch every move. They make it look easy of course. Not only are they fast but they are accurate as well. The stages are unfamiliar to everyone. Yet they glide right through. I know I am just starting but I am impatient. I want to be that good now. I love everyone on our squad. We have never met any of them before but all are so nice. There is one other woman Cheryl to keep me company. She and her husband do this together as well. The most “small world” occurrence is a guy named David who happens to work with JP Enterprises and said he saw my rifle before it shipped last week! Seems everyone has seen it but me. You can bet I am testing several magazine options for it that fall out easily. I can’t wait to shoot it.

We have 3 more stages tomorrow to finish Nationals. We should end early around 12:30 and then there are awards at a hotel around 3. Charles will hit the road and drive straight home. I will be flying out. I hope to redeem myself and aim for little to no penalties and especially no equipment malfunctions. It should be sunny as well!

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can….”

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