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Nice trophy eh? The snake says it all. If you win this event then that means you struck back. After 3 days Michael Storer (in photo holding the snake) held his lead and won this year’s trophy. Even with an “oops” crossfire he kept his strong lead. A well deserved win. Mike Mauer was a close 2nd and Rich Vedvick and Wayne Budbill made the top 4. I was very happy with my come back the last 2 days. I gained 26 points on Day 2 with a 426/450 and Sunday I gained even more and won 1st HM for the day with a 444/450. The weather on Sunday was by far the best of the three days regarding the wind. The least windy of the crazy winds! To state how bad it was on day 1 and 2 we had a couple of shooters get 5-7 misses in a row. Blown completely off the target and they could not seem to find their  way back on. The “Snake”.

When I left the range yesterday I thought I had an 8th place standing. Turns out I took 6th place overall. Yea! Even better than I thought. My team the Wranglers on the other hand did win the Championship.
Coached by David Littlefield we won by 26 points. David did a great job battling the wind and the team shooters held hard. The photo shows the
Wranglers. From left to right is myself, Rich Vedvick, David Littlefield,
Mike Mauer and Wayne Budbill.

Twice a year this range holds a big match. I think that is plenty abuse. I will be back in October. Now I leave for Oregon on Friday for The Burden Memorial Regional Long Range. Again I am honored to be teamed with the Wranglers and hope to carry over a win. As for the individuals I hope for a strong showing. In other words a win would be just peachy.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can…..”

**Bottom photo was taken by shooter Asa Yam through his scope. Target #17 is mine from a shot at 1000 yards. Perfect center X! Cool photo.

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