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anettewachter30calgaltripleaughtdesignAgain, I had a great time at the JC Steel match last this year. I do at any of these precision rifle matches. This is my new passion and I look forward to many more. I would not be out there competing if it were not for all of the great people and their companies that are sponsoring me with gear. I have topnotch gear and am proud to brag about it. If I did not like I would not use it no matter how many they gave me. So this is a little video shouting out to these great companies at the JC Steel Challenge last month.

I also want to thank Andy Tran of Inner-Bark and Couch Creative Productions for traveling with me to matches and hiking around the mountains with heavy camera gear. He enjoys it but I know it is not easy. He then edits great videos for me. He is the best film maker and editor for any outdoor sports. he has done great work for Accu-Grip, Magneto-Speed, Brothers of Bushcraft Knives and many more. You need to hire him. Period.

Thank you to: Accu-Grip, Leupold, Nosler, H&H Precision Rifles, Tactical Ordinance Ammunition, Mcree Precision, Benchmark Barrels, ESS, Triple Aught Designs (amazing wool and fleece outdoor clothing. Kept me sane in 20 degree ice storm), Elite Irons


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