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There are so many great ideas and products out there for gun enthusiasts whether male or female. From stocking stuffers to items requiring a case, these will hopefully help you out if stuck for ideas. Of course all of these items are great for women as well. But I gave a designated list to the ladies in my previous post and now its the guy’s turn. Again, I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas season and New Year. May 2016 be the best ever in love, health, faith, success and of course happiness.

Stocking Stuffers – Things you did not you needed until you need them.

Case/Shell Extractor – Ultimate Arms

shellextractorI am not sure why but I have lost two of these. And I find out when I am on the line during a string of fire and have a case stuck in the chamber. It happens. You load the brass one too many times and it just finally wore out. And half of it gets stuck. They won’t just fall out when you bang the butt stock on the ground. What is surprising is how often it happens yet not many other shooters have them in their kit. For under $15 this is the greatest gift ever. Broken Shell Cartridge Extractor Removal Tool .308 Win 7.62×51 NATO calibers AR10, AR15, M4, M16, A1, A2, Springfield M1 Garand, FN FAL M14 M1A H&K91 HK91 G3 CETME – $12.95




Like Kleenex. The brand has become a household name. You just need some in your kit. Period. I mostly use Blue since it can be undone easier. Both should be in bag. $8.27 Loktite Blue

The Dressier Pocket Knife – Kershaw


The Kershaw Leek is very popular for a reason. Super sleek in design and small to carry but sharp as all get out. Ask me how I know. Ouch. These are offered in colors as well and can be engraved for that special someone. Trust me it is practical too! Starting at $79.99. Kershaw


High Impact Sunglasses – ESS Credence Reaper Woods


Because I am in the know, these glasses are a must on your list. I wear these all of the time when shooting on sunny days. So these are for men and women. With a name like Reaper Woods you have to want these. The other cool factor is that these frames are somewhat of a limited edition. One batch and one batch only was made. So once these are gone they will only be found on Ebay auctioning for millions of dollars. Well okay that may be a little exaggeration but you get the point. But seriously. These will fly off the shelves. They look really awesome on. I just wanted to let you in on the secret is all. $105. ESS EyePro


For the Precision Rifle Guy

Lightweight Bipod – Primos Tall Bipod


Last year I bought a heavy duty tripod set up with Hog Saddle attachment. And when I say heavy I mean it is heavy. I added about 15 pounds to my pack. That is fine if I am at a match at a controlled range where I don’t have to hike all day. All of the stages are in one spot and I can just lay it down off to the side until I need it. But most of the matches are lots of hiking. I took an amazing precision rifle class by Carl Taylor of InMotion Targets recently and he is pretty old school when it comes to this sport. He had this bi pod stick and the mono pod stick. Only ounces instead of pounds and using the two together, bi pod up front and mono pod at rear of rifle was really stable. They are super quick and easy to extend and put back together. They tuck in neatly in the outside side pocket of my pack. LOVE! $59.99 Can be found at Gander Mountain.


Range Finders – Leupold RX-1200 and Sig Kilo 2000




Great range finders under $1000? It can be done. Yes the Terrapins are fantastic but who has $10K sitting around?! I have been using the Leupold RX-1200 for a few months now and they have worked really well for me. But they are limited to approximately 1200 yards. Many matches I attend do not go past that distance so these are perfect. Another popular range finder is the SIG Kilo which a lot of people are raving about especially since it can read out to 2000 yards. Both are really great for the price at or under $500!! And although on the higher end of a gift it does still fit in the stocking. Leupold RX-1200 TBR $349. Sig Kilo 2000 $499.99


Precision Rifle Chassis – The Orias


Yes I offered this item as the entire rifle build in the ladies gift list. Yes I think the guys should have the entire build as well. But if you want to piece something together yourself then you need this chassis. Patent pending design of the self-adjusting recoil lug locking system. It floats! For more details, since it will take up too much space here, check out Rick’s video at Killer Innovations about the Orias. A gorgeous piece of work. In black or Nickel Boron. Start around $800. Rainier Arms

Hunting/Hiking Boots – Lowa


Boots for any rugged purpose actually. You want warm, dry and comfortable right? Not to much to ask for. Outdoor Life’s Editor’s Choice was the Lowa Tibet GTX-HI. These take time to break in but these German made boots passed all of the rigorous tests. These are beefy! $395




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