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cold bore classic shooting from scaffoldI have proof that it is not the equipment but the operator that makes things happen. Yes it is nice to have the latest and greatest in rifles, accessories and calibers. But an awesome shooter behind any caliber can win. Huge kudos and applause for Clint Sharp for the overall win with a 308 in this weekend’s match at Rattlesnake Shooting Facility in Richland, WA. Yes his 308 beat all of the fancy calibers. His Limited beat our Opens. Clint was on my squad and could not miss a shot. We had some typical gusty winds as well. So at first tally of scores it looked as though Nick Gadarzi was the overall match winner but things were not added correctly and it turns out he and Clint were tied and Clint got what I call the Creedmoor. The tie breaker. Great shooting by both guys. The Cold Bore Classic was a first ever precision rifle match put on by John Hauptmann at the Rattlesnake Shooting Range in Richland, WA. 32 shooters were allowed to be the guinea pigs of this first match. I have known John for awhile as he helps with the long range high power matches at the range. He was a bit nervous getting it up and running but the match ran well and was a good time and we had a good mix of stages.

cold bore classicAn early start of 7:30 on Saturday was a little tough but it allowed extra bodies to help set up some targets that weren’t done yet. We took over the pistol/3gun bays at the bottom side of the range and shot 9 stages. The bays are at the bottom of a mountain so targets can be set up along the hillside out to about 600 yards. Usually precision matches are long hikes to get from start to stages. Since this was a non-hiking match, all stages were right there, John made us carry everything with us for the day and we had to drag the gear with us during the stages as well. We were not allowed to go back to our cars all day or we would lose a point. I have to thank John for giving Charles and I a reprieve on that since we had Kozmo in the truck and needed to let him out at least once during the day and get some water. I finally got to use our new tri-pod and hog saddle. Only one stage allowed us to shoot prone on the ground. The rest were at awkward positions that prone would not have allowed you to see the targets. We had a great mix of ports and ledges, sides of posts and more. The winds were typical Rattlesnake and rather gusty all day. I felt this match was good for new shooters to get their feet wet. I had a rather funny yet sad cold bore classic - anette shooting from barricademoment on one stage and blew up my wiebad bag. We had to climb on a bench to get high enough to see one set of targets. There was no where to support the rifle except to hold it against the side of the structure. This stage was in the Cowboy town bay and there was a convenient horseshoe screwed in to the building with one side of the shoe bent out like a hook. One of my squad mates suggested I hang my bag on it and support the rifle on it. Well I did that but did not use it to it’s full potential. Okay, I screwed up. The brake was resting on the bag and one round later it was snowing with wiebad bag Styrofoam guts everywhere. My adorable zebra print bag that Nicole Harper made for me! Not being able to contain my laughter I ran out of time. I just wish someone had filmed it.

Sunday was another early day meeting at the top high power range. We parked at the 900 yard line and again had to take all of our gear with us for the day. We had to hike down to the 300 yard line. We were put in to teams of 4 people and two went to the pits and two stayed at the firing line. We took turns shooting at known distances at 300, 600, 8,9 and 1000 yards. And we were not shooting from the nice flat firing points the range offers. John made us stay back on the sloped parts or off to the side in the grass. And the grass area was not level by any means. To mix it up all targets were ipsc cardboard on posts and each had a different color. We would have to shoot head shots in only 6 second appearances and the targets would change positions down in the pits. So it was nice to have your shooting buddy help keep an eye out for the target and yell at you which Cold Bore Classic colored targets in the pitsnumber board it came up at. We had “movers” as well. People had to walk the length of the pits holding the cold bore classictargets up in the air. My squad helped each other out by flipping the target if we felt a hit so the shooter could know back at the line. We had one One Shot stage where we had to hit an Ace card from 300 yards. The closest to center won at $300 gift certificate from  Well Charles had a stellar day and hit that sucker dead center. It was a pretty windy day up there too. He had no idea until the awards ceremony at the end of the day that he got it. After hiking back to the 800 yard line we had quick stages back to 1000 yards where we had only 10 and 6 seconds to take shots at ipsc sized targets. We had a little hiccup with the target pullers that they did not understand how the targets were to be marked. There was a bit of confusion so the 8 and 900 yard lines were thrown out of the scores. By 1000 all was figured out. I hit both of my shots at 1000.

A great match for newbies and seasoned shooters. It was good practice for position shooting and wind reading. You needed to be creative at times to find a way to support your rifle. My poor zebra IMG_7997wiebad bag. 🙁 I felt I shot very well and see my improvements each match. I can’t tell you how much I love my H&H Precision rifle set up. A combination of the action and the polygonal barrel from Black Hole Weaponry makes a crazy accurate rifle set up. I was shooting test rounds in the same hole. I love love this thing! And I am very used to the Horus reticle on my Mk 6. now Thank you Leupold!

Thank you again John and your RO’s for the hard work putting this together. Carl Taylor of and JC Steel Targets for all of the steel targets. And to all of the sponsors of Charles with all gear on. cold bore classiceach stage and their prizes for the shooters. Sage Flats Shooter, Roberts Tactical Precision, Accu-Shot, Tactical Supply, Copper Creek Cartrtidge Co. Kahles, Sierra, Nightforce, H&H Precision, R Bros Rifles. And of course thank you to my awesome sponsors, ESS EyePro, Leupold, H&H Precision, Accu-Grip, BHW, Huber Triggers.


Humor at the cowboy action stageMyself, Charles, Clint and Eric. Cold bore classic - hiking the upper rangecold bore classicCharles mohseni - Cold bore classicAbout half of the shooters at Cold Bore ClassicCharles Mohseni and Anette WachterCold Bore Classic - lining up in the grass2015 Cold Bore CLassic scores2015 Cold Bore CLassic scoresCharles Mohseni winner of the Accu-Shot Ace card from 300 yards.

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