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Opening Ceremonies 2015 World Long Range ChampionshipsThis is day 9 that I have been at Camp Perry. Only now have I had 5 minutes to sit at my computer. Forgive me if I have typing errors for I am tired. Today happens to be day one of the World Long Range Championships. We had Opening Ceremonies this morning which had our US Army Golden Knights jumping in and the flag raising of each participating country. Sheri Gallagher, former AMU and now a Golden Knight led the team as the first and solo jumper. I was sort of hoping she would land in the prone position with a rifle and start the competition. The rest of the Knights fell from the sky and landed perfectly on the X. You may be wondering why I am back at my hotel and writing rather than be at the range if today is the first day. They are having a practice first for all of the people that just came in. Then after lunch we have the first and only individuals stage today at 800 yards. We will then continue with 3 yard lines a day for the next 2 days and then have the final Palma Team World Championship over two days. We have been going form sun up to sun down every day since I have arrived. Many have been here from CMP High Power championships so really I have nothing to complain about. Full Bore nationals consisted of individuals and various team events as well as the biggest event The America’s Match.

The US has never lost the America’s Match at home. We won it 3 years ago here at Perry and last summer up in Canada. Yesterday was not in the cards. First let me congratulate Great Britain for some outstanding shooting. They lost a total of 17 points for 8 shooters all day and took the Gold. Australia came in second, S. Africa 3rd and the US in 4th. Very humbling yes. One of our coaches had to leave at the middle of the match for a family emergency as well. So I believe the kinks are done and we can move on successfully for this coming week of Worlds. We have the best shooters in the US on our team. Things will turn around. Three women were in the top 25 of Full Bore Nats, Michelle Gallagher, Trudie Fay and Jane Messer. I personally shot well in the individuals during full bore except for two strings on the second day. But those two strings knocked me too far down. Again, moving on. Our Veterans and Under 25’s had their World Championship team events as well. Our Veterans took the Gold and U25’s took the Bronze. The GB kids shot very well and received Gold and Silver medals. All scores can be found HERE for Full Bore Nationals. I shot under Norm Anderson for The Director’s 4 man team event and then Bob Mead for The President’s 4 man team event. My squads did not place but Norm’s team on the second day dropped only 7 points total and received a gold medal last night. Now if we can find a way to teach the NRA how to shorten the awards ceremony, and not to mention the range operations, everything would be even better. Range days have been excruciatingly slow. Everyone can attest to this.

A big part of these national and world events is the social scene. My favorite part is meeting new members of the visiting teams and especially seeing old friends again. The visiting countries consist of Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, West Indies/Barbados, Japan, Germany, Channel Islands, (That was a first hearing their National Anthem?) and Canada. We started Full Bore week with the “Meet and Greet” at the Perry Club House. The only blazer I have ever owned and will ever wear is just for our team dress uniform. Not a big fan of blazers. But that is just me. Everyone looks nice but I think the women need an update on the uniform sans blazer. Am I complaining in my out loud voice? Forgive me. We had our own US Palma Team private dinner in town at the Island House Hotel. I have to thank a couple team mates, you know who you are, for entertaining our table and keeping me in tears of laughter for a couple of hours. We definitely had the loudest table in the room. Thank you to Patty Mead for organizing and decorating the event. Not only did she have great door prizes for us but she had a contest of baby pictures. In May she asked team members to send her our baby photos. She placed them on a poster board and each was numbered and we had to guess each one. Some were obvious and most were definitely not. Most did not recognize my photo. I guess as a baby I was not 6ft tall so I did not stand out. Trudie Fay and I finally had a home cooked meal at the condo of Eric Smith, Russell and Kirk. Eating out for every meal gets a bit old. By the time I get back to home to Seattle I will have been on the road for 5 weeks. I am dreaming of my kitchen. And a nap today.

Thank you again to The US Team for allowing me to be a part of this fun event. Thank you to my sponsors that helped me get here – Accu-Grip, ESS Eye Pro, Lawson & Palmer, Devil Dog Arms and Eagle Eye Precision.

Stay tuned for World Championships.


FullSizeRender In the Butts/Pits IMG_9813 Meet and Greet dinner Meet and Greet with Kelley and Angus Meet and Greet - With Trudie and Michelle


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