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Las Vegas, NV

2015 Shotshow Media DayA prefect day out at the Boulder City range today. Sunny and fairly warm and the wind did not pick up until much later. I arrived last night to Vegas on my direct flight from Seattle. Unless you live under a rock you know the Seahawks played the wackiest game in NFL history yesterday. I was flying while the last quarter was happening. The WiFi on the plane was not working because everyone was trying to get live streaming of the game at the same time. Finally the pilot kept a play by play going for us. I thought the plane was going to fall out of the sky. Everyone was going nuts. The flight attendants were chanting with us on the intercom. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Now I can wear my Seahawk lanyard at Shot this week with pride. Whew! That was too close for comfort.

I went out to dinner with my gal pal Jessica of the great Guns and Lace catalog/calendar and her family. A couple of the guys from Sons of Guns were with us too, Charlie Watson and Zach, and we went to Battista’s off the strip, an old local fave. Basic Italian food but great place. I hate to admit it but I actually went to bed by 11pm on my first night in Vegas. I must be getting old. This morning the Guns and Lace gang picked me up again and we drove out to the range for Media Day. I went straight up to the rifle range/long distance section to check in with my Devil Dog Arms crew. Was fun to see all of the Devil Gals Shooting Team in one place.Too bad they stick the long range section in this spot. It is in a bunker with cement floors and roof and is loud and crowded. Not to mention cold under there. As usual that section is very crowded with people wanting to shoot stuff far away. I wish I could give you great reviews on all of the products out there today but that was not really my focus. I stopped and played with things that I had not seen before but mostly I walked around and took photos with people in the industry I see only once a year. I will however mention the Leupold D-EVO 6x scope. I will be at their booth again tomorrow to get more details and photos and I will tell you all about it then. Paired with a red dot it is pretty cool. I did shoot the Glock 42 for the first time and was really pleasantly surprised. I am not a big Glock fan, only because I prefer metal guns, but this little guy had hardly any kick that a .380 normally has. I might even consider this over my Sig P238. Can’t believe I just said that.

I appreciated people coming up and introducing themselves. So many people I know on line or through email only and it was great to put faces to names. We parked next to Iain Harrison and his Recoil Mag Bronco. Steer horns on the front and all. Always fun to run in to Ebbs of Haus of Guns. Can’t miss that tall Red. He had quite the camera crew with him. Of course media from all over were out there. Finally met Michael Bane of Outdoor Channel. They are working on a ladies 3gun show and wants to talk about it sometime this week. The Nosler and Leupold guys were sharing a booth. Sorry to Natalie Foster for making faces at you while you were being interviewed. You had perfect composure. I was impressed. Ran in to Rob, Carl and Jason, the guts behind Black Hole Weaponry and Tactical Ammunition. Steve and Ed of 6.5 Guys were out here and the lovely Jacqueline Carrizossa and I finally met in person. Jac is from Vegas and is a CrossFit trainer/model, firearm’s instructor, and dirt bike racer. You think I have big biceps? You should see this girls! She rocks. I picked up my sweet new frames from ESS at the Oakley booth. ESS now has the CDI Max in tan and the 5B in an awesome camouflage patterned frame. Oh and Joe from Devil Dog outfitted all of his shooting team with tees, and jackets, pants and shirts from 5.11 with DDA logos embroidered on them. I am set!

I will be on the Shotshow floor all of this week and will try to update you with fun photos and products on FB, Instagram and Twitter. If you are not following me on those sites, please do! Look for 30calgal of course. I have several booth appearances so check back here later in the day especially.


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