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Wenatchee, WA – October 24, 25 2015

My great Squad 1I just realized when I started writing this that I have not posted an article since World Championships in August. My apologies! I guess life has been in the way. Not to worry. Life has been great lately. A good kind of busy. Many fun things in the works for 2016 that I will share gradually. Last weekend I was able to participate in the first final of the first year of the NW PRL Series. We have a huge contingency of precision rifle competitors on the west coast and especially in the NW. The PRS group has a yearly competition series but most of those matches are too far away for our crowd. So thankfully Kevin Dittoe and others have organized a NW version of PRS. Bugs need to be worked out in the rating system but I am sure this will get better each year. From this series has sprouted other leagues. Doug Glorfield of Rock Lake has his series and for 2016 a team challenge series has been created. Super excited for that and trying to convince my pal Lorna Castell to invest in some gear and join me as my team mate. She and I met in 3Gun a couple of years back and have laughed our way through many matches. She and another friend Danielle Vermeulen were the only female team to shoot the Competition Dynamics Sniper Adventure Challenge. They finished! One of only 13 teams that did. A bit beaten up but they rocked it. 24-36 hours of navigation, survival and shooting challenges. Not having shot with Lorna in this game yet we will have a learning curve of each other but that will be fun figuring it out. Oops, squirrel! Back to the match last weekend.

Steve and Ed! Jim up on his high chair anette wachter 30calgal anette wachter 30calgalThank you to Kevin Dittoe, Jim Findley, Alan and Nicole Harper and many more volunteers and ROs for putting on a great match. The NW PRL Final was set up for Pros and Amateurs to shoot together in 12 stages over two days. 2-3 pros on each squad allowed us amateurs to watch and learn and receive tips from the best. Not having picked up my rifle in several months I was glad this match was low key and supportive to new shooters. I had to go off of my last range card and I have put many more rounds through the rifle since then. I know the bc had changed. I noticed this especially on the longer range shots. There was a great turn out of almost 60 shooters mostly from Wa and a good sized group from Idaho. Fall definitely kicked in over night in the eastern side of the state. It was a cool 35 in the morning and warmed up slightly to about 45 or 50 with a little rain on Saturday. At least it was not windy to add to the chill factor. Saturday morning started with Jim Findlay standing on the high chair, so we could see him not vice versa, to give us the match briefing. I was on squad 1 with Jesse Redell and Scott Satterlee as our pros. Kate Redell and I were the only females in the match and I had fun getting to know her better. Winners! anette wachter 30calgal anette wachter 30calgal anette wachter 30calgal anette wachterSaturday all six stages were up in the hills on the ranch land behind the NCW Gun Club. Everyone piled in to available pick up trucks and made the trek up the hill. There was a great variety of stages using anything from cars, stumps and airplane window sections to shoot from or in. My first attempt at a spinner failed miserably. Obviously need to practice that one. It is all about the timing. As you can see from the photos the scenery is beautiful there. Sunday the final six stages were at the lower portion of the gun club. We had one stage with targets out to 1100 yards. The only stage that was not fun was on top of the container. The roof was mushy which made it unstable and the ladder wall prop was not mounted so it would tip if you tried to load the bipod in to it. We were able to shoot two mover stages which I love. I can shoot these fairly well but my only opportunity to practice these is at matches. Again, like the spinners it is all about timing. Congrats to the finalists and winners of the match.

anette wachter 30calgal anette, kate, jesse and scott trek up the hill Kate Redell Kate RedellJesse Redell took first, Eric Blais 2nd and Jack Wilson 3rd. I look forward to 2016 and all of the great matches scheduled for this growing sport. For the season results of the NW PRL Series the results just came out that Scott Satterlee, Ethan Carey and Jesse Redell took the top three in the Pro category. In the Amateur class Mike Morrison, Aaron Olanie and Spencer Munn took the top three spots. Yours truly was 16th overall out of 200 plus amateurs. I will take it! Thank you to all of the following companies that sponsored this event; RBros rifles, Seekins Precision , Defiance Actions , Nightforce optics, Highspeed shooting systems, Rtac precision, Dennis from Tac-pac, L.E. wilson, Gunfighters inc. , Dynamic metals, Burris optics, Rainer arms, H&H precision, Killer innovations , Proof research , Grey ghost gear, Sawtooth rifles, JK customs, Silencer CO. , CORE shooting solutions, Sure shot precision rifles. See all of you precision rifle shooters again in 2016!


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