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Camp Perry, Ohio – May 2015                                                             Photo gallery below

Last Fall I was fortunate and honored to be one of the chosen to represent the US for the 2015 World Long Range and Palma Championship. We had tryouts for those spots during Camp Perry Long Range and Fullbore Nationals. The team captain, coaches and adjutant have been working their tails off to get everything organized. As the host country for a World Championship there is years of prep work involved. It is not just matching team shirts. You have to help the visiting foreign teams with logistics as well your own. The city of Port Clinton will have two more weeks extended to the Camp Perry Nationals shooting season. The amount of work being done is huge. Thank you again to our team leaders for doing this. One more project recently was organizing a final team practice to tie up loose ends.

The entire Palma and Veteran’s Team met at Camp Perry last week. I thought it great that all but two people were able to make it. It is not easy to get that many from all over the country to travel especially when we have to take off two and half weeks in August as well. Emil Praslick had an AMU practice organized at Perry and was able to get the US Team in at the same time. There were a few scheduling snafu-s (acronym very relevant last week) between the base and us. The grass was still not mowed and we could not see the 300 yard targets. Our time was suddenly limited too. But we were able to get two to three strings of shooting each day. Four to six shooters per coach were together the entire week. This was a chance to work out any bugs and make sure everyone has or will have the same gear and loads. It was also a chance for coaches to get in sync working together on the line and to get more plots from each shooter. I am not sure if any changes are going to be made to the lineup or squads from this practice. I know it was stressful for the team coaches but I had a great time getting to know all of my team mates much better. My great squad was with coach Gary Rasmussen and shooters Brandon Green, Kelly Bachand, Wayne Budbill, Kevin Nevius, Lane Buxton and myself.

We took over a hotel in town and it was technically still the off season. Not sure if they were ready for us. Trudie (my roommate) and I did not even have soap or towels when we arrived. Nancy and Michelle had to get some of the guys to come in and chase away a few centipedes. (They claimed pest control was coming the following week) I am sure by August, things will be normal. Except for that stuff, it is a great location in the middle of town and directly on the lake. It has a beautiful back lawn, deck and pool and will be awesome to hang out there when we come back in August. I picture cocktails at sunset daily. Trudie Faye, Amanda Elsenboss of the AMU and I will be sharing a 2 bedroom suite. Trudie and I snuck in to take a look at it last week. It is huge! A good thing it is spacious because we have to live together for 14 days. But I look forward to it. Weather for the week was all over the map. Our first day on the range was a hot 85 degrees and very humid. It felt like August at Perry. The temperature then dropped down to 50. We were to take team photos but that got pushed out another day and it was even colder in the 40s and the wind did not help. We got a photo but we were so cold it was taken in our outdoor clothing. As a social media and blogging nut job I was coming out of my skin that we did not get a formal photo with jerseys on. I should have insisted everyone tough it out for a few minutes in short sleeves. Oh well. A detail I can’t control and I need to let it go. The Veteran’s team photos will be great though. Nancy Tompkins and I photographed all of them on the waterfront.

There was no shortage of laughs during the week. We had some memorable dinners out which were followed up gathering in the lobby of our hotel. I made a point to make notes in my phone of funny moments and quotes all week. It is my little black book of blackmail if you will. Nope. I’m not sharing. Although, Lane Buxton was keeping notes as well that he threatened to put in the Team book. Perhaps you may find nicknames for us there. Patty Mead, Bob Mead’s wife has something up her sleeve as well during Worlds. She asked us all for baby photos. To Be Determined…..

Team USA looks forward to August and seeing all of our foreign guests and competitors. I am guessing a few hundred people will be present. It will be great to see many friends after several years. After US Long Range Nationals we will go in to Full-Bore and then World Championships individuals and team events. A little over two weeks straight of shooting. We will have the big meet and greet dinner as well as smaller affairs and of course the formal awards ceremonies. I wish all participants from everywhere safe and pleasant travels to the US and see you in August!


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