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Palma CrestWe finally received the letter from the US Rifle Team Captains with the list of people that were chosen for the squad to represent the US in the World Palma Championship. Those chosen are truly the best in the world. (See list below at bottom) This Championship will be held at Camp Perry, Ohio this coming August. It has been many years since it is was held in the US. Teams from all over the world will be present. Countries such as Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, S. Africa, Canada, Germany and more! I wish I could say I made the 1st String of the 16 chosen but I did however make 2nd string/reserve. I am still very honored. There are over 40 members of the overall US Rifle Team. So be to be one of the chosen 25 to represent the US for the World’s is really an honor. I also will be able to compete as an individual. I am not sure yet if there will be any pickup teams made such as a US Goodwill team but if so I hope to be part of that.

You will see me at Camp Perry in August for Worlds and I hope to also be there the week prior which is the Long Range US Nationals that I shoot every year. I will proudly wear my US Rifle Team jersey. I wish all of the chosen team members great shooting and of course to bring home the World Title. Congrats to all!

2015 US Palma Team
Captain: D. Flaharty
Adjutant: B. Mead
Armorer: B. Gamboa
E. Praslick III HC
N. Anderson, R. Gross, S. Hardin, J. O’Connell, G. Rasmensen
K. Bachand, S. Barnhart, L. Buxton, T. Cooper
M. Delcotto, A. Elsenboss, T. Fay, M. Gallagher, B. Green
N. Houle, B. Litz, K. Nevius, K. Reeve, J. Skaret
E. Smith, R. Theurer, N. Tompkins, J. Whidden
2nd Reserves:
M. Altendorf, W. Budbill, M. Dietrich, N. Guernsey, R. Mango, A. Wachter

2015 US Veterans Team
Captain: Tom Whitaker
Adjutant: Leo Cebula
J. O’Connell, G. Rasmussen, S. Hardin, B. Mead
P. Church, D. Crandall, N. Crawford, M. Dunia, W. Forshee, C. Kemp,
M. Mayo, N. Mayo, B. Steketee, B. Solis, S. Tamulinas, J. Young
2nd Reserves:
J. Decosta, Steve McGee, R. Gregory, R. Sekellick



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