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Another year has gone by already?! After an 18 hour drive we made it to Vegas on Friday night. Lucky me I caught a bad cold. So I may officially be the first person to start the Shotshow crud. If I run in to you please do not be offended if I don’t shake your hand! You will thank me for not sharing my cold. I will have two jobs this week. One as the competitor 30calgal that you know, the other as the partner of a new rifle company! I will be sharing my time in a couple of my sponsor’s booths. I am honored to again be hanging out with the ESS Eyepro gang at booth #20543 on Wed. from 1:30-3:30 and Thursday from 10-12. And I am excited to say I am now on the prostaff of Gemtech Silencers! I will be in their booth #20521 Wed morning from 10-12. The rest of the time I will be in booth #20132 where our new company Developmental Weapon Systems will be displaying our new rifles.

Yes! New rifle company! I have partnered with some of the top gun builders in the industry to form Developmental Weapon Systems. For our first project we are introducing the .510 Beck in a bolt action rifle. We just shot 1/2 MOA group at 100 yards with a subsonic 690 grain projectile through a suppressed 11″ barrel. Yes! An 11″ barrel! This rifle is truly bad ass. Excuse my French. The .510 Beck round was developed by Beck Defense and introduced as a semi-auto AR10/SR25 platform last year at Shot. We also offer several calibers whose barreled actions can be exchanged in a couple of minutes using the Orias chassis return to zero system. Offerings in short action to include the .510 Beck, 300 WSM, 7mm, 7 Saum, 6 Saum, 6.5 Creedmoor, 5.56/223. Offering the .338 Lapua and 300Win. in long action. You will see our rifles displayed with some amazing paint work by Nevada Cerakote as seen in next photo. I will be posting a press release and more information here by Tuesday morning.

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See you at Shotshow


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