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Douglas Ridge Rifle Club – Eagle Creek, OR


Michael Storer, Todd Branin, Anette Wachter, Gary Rasmussen, Wayne Budbill and David Littlefield

Palma Team and 3rd Overall. Anette Wachter – 30calgal


Finally the sun and warm temperatures have arrived in the great NW. The annual 3 day Burden Memorial Palma and Long Range match was a great turn out with great competition and 80 degree days. Not new to shooting but new to Fullbore was our match winner Kerry Spurgen. Kerry has shot small bore his entire life and his sister is an Olympic small bore medalist. This was his first long range match and he killed it! Shooting small bore teaches you to hold hard and he did just that this weekend. With a score of 1286 and 66X Kerry took the two day Grand Agg. Wayne Budbill was 2nd overall and I took 3rd overall and I was also Match Winner for the Palma Grand Agg.


Anette Wachter shooting team under coach David Littlefield

Saturday and Sunday were individual matches shooting the Palma course at 800, 900 and 1000 yards and then an extra 1000 yard each day. Saturday the 1000 yard match was Any Rifle/Iron sights and on Sunday it was Any Rifle/Any Sights. The Palma Championship Agg included the two days Palma course and the 1000 yard on Sat. Michael Storer was 2nd Palma and Kevan Hoffarth was 3rd. It was anyone’s match the entire weekend. It did not matter if you were ahead in one string or behind in the next. It was close through out the weekend and the winner not known until the last shots fired. Day one Palma Individual winner was Emil Praslick with a 449 and 26X. Photo of scores below.

ESS Eyepro!

My team Palma scores. A clean 450!

2017 Burden Memorial Sling scores

Wa Wranglers team

With Dusty Taylor

Ess Eyepro

Douglas Ridge Rifle Range

Monday was the annual Burden Team Palma match. Our local Wa Wrangler line up was mostly there but we were short 2 people to get two full teams. Our Canadian competitors did not make the trip this year so we had only the F-Class shooters to compete against. We did however decide to make it a goal to go for a National record score. Gary Rasmussen was captain and coach of two shooters Todd Branin and Michael Storer and David Littlefield was coach of two shooters which were myself and Wayne Budbill. We were only down one point at the 800 and only one more at the 900. We were so close at 1000 but dropped 3 points back there. We managed to be only 1 point and 2Xs off of the Open National Record. Darn! So close! Last year the NRA changed the way it will record national records for the future. Instead of by category of civilian, military, woman, senior, etc. the records will be by classification. So we may have set the first national record for High Master Class. The NRA is a bit slow on recording the stats so it may be some time before we get confirmation. But the current Open record is the one I want to beat. Everyone coached and/or shot very well. Wayne and I managed a perfect 450 under coach Littlefield. Wayne had a strong X count of 36 and I had 29. Todd Branin had a 448 and Michael had a 447. I thought it was my first Palma clean but was reminded that I had my first one at this year’s SW Nationals in February. Sweet! My second Palma 450! We all put our minds to a great score and pulled it off. Hopefully the US Rifle Team Captain and coaches will take note of our strong Wa. Wranglers squad.

Thank you Carl for running another great and fun match and to the target pullers which makes a match more relaxing. We had amazing weather to shoot in and of course the competition was strong and the catching up with friends even better. Next is the Wa State Long Range match next month and then BC Championship in August. Time to load more ammo.


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