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 I arrived in Palm Springs last night without a hitch. Got my rental car and drove about an hour to 29 Palms. I think I had one turn the entire trip. Not much out here! Lots and lots of desert. My Motel is pretty funky. The Harmony Motel. Apparently back in the 60’s and 70’s some legend rock bands stayed her. Heard of U2? The other guys from Washington are staying at the Motel 6 down the way and they were lucky to have the video crew for P Diddy staying there last night. Lets just say they did not get much sleep. Glad I chose my tiny little place.

This morning I woke up at 5:30. Our start times are at 7am! Which means you need to get there no later than 6:30 but even better at 6:00. Crazy early. Even worse than Camp Perry times. But of course they were not quite organized for the practice so we did not even start until 8:30 or so. Getting to the range is a bit of work. A couple of weeks ago I had to get a form notarized in Seattle that allows me to come on base. It states I am not a felon, etc. (Hee-hee)  Then they had my name at the visitor center before the gate. You have to go in and hand over car registration, insurance and license. Then they give you a big paper with all your stats to put in window. I waved at a cute Marine at the gate and on in I went. Oh yea, did I mention it is raining Marines down here? Lots and lots of Marines. (Charles is rolling his eyes right now. He told me no flirting with them. Sigh…) This Marine base is a city in itself. Huge! They can have their own rules, guns, tanks, you name it. Might as well be it’s own country in there. Completely self-contained. So cool!

For practice we got to shoot a string of 20 rounds. I was on paper first try. I was even clever enough to consider our elevation change and took a minute off. I was right! I even needed a minute more from there. Bullet travels a bit straighter up here at 2700 feet. Winds were ok, about 6 minutes worth. Tomorrow should be about the same but Friday and Saturday will be a challenge. We are getting the storm from up north. Thanks gang. But, I am ready for the match.

I drove quickly through Joshua Tree Park after wards. (Some photos at right.) Notice the tarantula one! Apparently it is mating season now. Ick. You could spend a week in there camping and hiking. Truly stunning. Must come back with Charles.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can…..”

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