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30CalGalanettewachtershootingfitnessUpper body strength is not the only part that needs to be fit for competition. We all know that all parts of the body need to be strong and that cardio is important as well. So I thought I’d give you a “quick” 20 minute workout that covers all bases. Several years ago a trainer at the gym I belonged to approached me during my workout. He felt I needed to kick it up a notch. He set his timer for 20 minutes. He mentioned only 3 exercises I needed to do. Not a big deal right? Ha. I am now sharing my pain with you.

Set your timer for 20 minutes……………. To continue story please go to GunUp

2 Responses to “3 Gun Biceps Series – “Don’t Hate Me””

  1. Anthony

    How can we hate you? Your dedication to the sport shows how it pays off in all the various disicplines you shoot. You look great and shoot awesome! Thanks for sharing some of your workout programs.

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