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2 weeks ago I shot a 300 yard approved match and tied and broke a national record with one string of fire with a 200/200 with 19X and my overall score of 600/600 with 48X. Turns out it was not a registered match with the NRA so it does not officially go to the record books. Bummer! Well, thank goodness that score was not just a one hit wonder. Yesterday at an official registered State Championship I did it again. And it counts! The Robin Hood Washington State Championship is held up in Bellingham. Yesterday the sun came out with a wonderful 60 degrees and it was my turn to shine also.

This was an 80 round 300 yard prone match with 600 yard condensed target. The X ring is about 3 inches or 1 minute across. I cleaned the entire day. First string was 200/200 with 13X. Fine but Jennifer Nyberg and John Loyd both had 17X. Second string was my claim to fame with a 200/200 and 19X. (See photo of target at right) People were joking I should have moved my elevation up a 1/4 minute. Ha! I was not touching a thing. This beat Jennifer’s record from last year and I broke the national civilian and woman record and tied the Open national record as well. Open is all categories such as military, police and everyone. Yea! 3rd string was a 200 with 13X. At this point I was still tied with John. He fired his 4th string before me and mentioned to me I had plenty of room to beat him before I started shooting. I did not know the details of his score yet  but it made me a little nervous. I held on strong and did another clean with 13X. This allowed me to beat him by 1 X. Match Winner!

As we were leaving the match a couple of the guys from The
Wranglers Team invited me to be on their team for the upcoming
Palma St. Championship at Rattlesnake in May. Trust me. I am
flattered. I hope I am on a roll. I feel like it anyway.

2011 Robin Hood Washington State 300 Yard Champion. Yea!

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can……”

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