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DevildogarmsboothadWhere did the last year go?!!! Shot show is here already. 2016 is here already! I will admit I am very excited and nervous for the year ahead. I have had some big doors opened up to me and now I have to buck up and go for it. It will be a whirlwind and it will be exciting and it will be entirely new territory for me in the gun industry. I am being vague only because I am not yet allowed to share some of my great news. But don’t worry, that will come soon enough. 🙂 In the mean time I am looking forward to Shot.

I will be going to Vegas early the Friday before to shoot the Sin City Precision Rifle match that takes place Saturday and Sunday. I finally get to shoot with some of my fellow lady PR shooters, Regina, Jessie and Kate. Sunday night late I will head in to town and check in to The Venetian for the entire week ahead. Geez an entire week in Vegas? God help me. Please flu Gods do not strike me down as you have done every year in the past on my way back home. Please sleep gods make me get back to my room at a decent hour each night. I hope I get to see everyone on my list and catch up with friends. I hope I get to see all of the awesome new guns and accessories and products. It is only 9 miles of floor space so it shouldn’t be that difficult. I look forward to wearing my sponsored shooting jerseys with pride by day and my sparkly party dresses by night. It always seems that all of the parties and happy hours and dinners are scheduled on Wednesday night. As of now I have to try to make 5 events from 4:00 on that night. “I can do this!”

I will have scheduled appearances with three great companies, ESS Eye Pro, Devil Dog Arms and MEGA Arms. I hope you will stop by and say hello if you are there. If you see me walking around anywhere please stop me and say hello as well. I will have my new 2016 postcards to sign if you’d like with me in the booths and with me walking around. If we take pictures together you will be posted on my site and social media too. This is a big year again for the gun industry and our fight for our 2nd Amendment rights. Obama’s speech could not have happened at a “better” time. This gives us as individuals and the NRA and all those in the fight a chance to talk about it and our future of gun rights in this country. I think it will be  a very positive environment at the Show. We all have the same goals in this issue.

Don’t forget to follow my Shotshow 2016 updates on Instagram, Twitter (@30calgal) and FB (Anette Wachter – 30calgal). My hashtag is #30calgalshotshow2016. I may not have time to write articles here on the blog daily but I will try! See you soon!

My booth appearances;

Tuesday 1/19

Devil Dog Arms #8406 11-12

ESS Eye Pro #20543 2:30-3:30


Wed 1/20

MEGA Arms #31000 10-11

Devil Dog Arms 1-2


THursday 1/21

ESS Eye Pro – 11-12

Devil Dog Arms 1-2



ESS Eye Pro 1-2


See you there! 30CalGal

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