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My custom Blade Tech holster for my Tanfoglio Witness

Awhile back I was talking to friends about how many amazing firearm related companies there are in the North West. They are mentioned in blogs and have interviews of the latest products but no one has gone in and really seen the nitty gritty details of their manufacturing process. One of my favorite shows is on The Food Network called Unwrapped. (I am one of those food geeks) The crew goes in to some of our childhood favorites like Hostess (no longer) and follows the process of how a Twinkie is made from beginning to end. This is what I wanted to do but for firearm related companies.

I called Andy Tran of Couch Creative Productions who filmed and edited the Boomershoot/Ess Eyepro videos and asked if he could help me with this project. I did not know where to even start really. Andy said to call a company, set a date and we will go from there. West Coast Armory has an entire wall of Blade Tech holsters. I knew they were very local in Puyallup, WA and thought they would be the perfect start. Here is the first video!

It is a full length program. About 25 minutes long. Ryan Preece my Blade Tech tour guide did a great job. I think he and Blade Tech were alarmed at the length with no cuts but we get to see all of the details as if you were walking through the facility with us. Of course in watching this myself I learned a long list of things that I would do and not do next time. I hope to get better and better each episode. So grab a cup of coffee or beverage of choice and watch the inner workings of Blade-Tech. Thanks to them for letting us come in and do this.

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