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Last year at this time I wrote my gift wish list to Santa. I can’t believe another year has already passed! I have to say that Santa was actually pretty generous and left a few items I requested under the tree for me. I got my JP rifle and more bullets from Nosler. I even received some items not specifically on my list. Leupold sent not one but two scopes to play with and Blade Tech made me a “bitchin” one-of-a-kind holster for my Tanfoglio. ESS Set me up with eyepro for life. I am outfitted with an FN shotgun from WCA and recently a life-time supply of Froglube has come my way! In looking back over the year so much has happened. I have much to be thankful for and I hope Santa has me on his good list and not the naughty list for this year. Hopefully he has overlooked my prank phone calls to the democratic campaign headquarters. Just kidding! Not to be greedy but there are still more things I hope to receive this year. They don’t have to be here by Christmas. They can arrive throughout the year in 2013. Like I said, I am not SO greedy.

1. That the world does not come to an end on the 21st. (If you are reading this after the 21st that’s a good sign.)

2. Range finder. Could have used this at some 3 gun matches this year. I really want one for future sniper matches.

3. A match “sniper” rifle. In a 6.5 something. OK, I’ll take a .308 as well. For those shorter distances up to 1000 yards.

4. Ammo. Ammo. Ammo. (Nosler now is making match 40 and 45 ammo. Yippee!)

5. A 9mm competition pistol for 3 gun matches. My 40 is a bit overkill for that. Unless of course I am competing in Ironman. Damn Double Spinners.

6. Traveling hair and makeup stylist. Gotta look good when I’m competing! You never know when a photo will be taken!

7. Host of my own major network tv show related to the gun industry. What? Asking for a lot? I don’t think so.

8. Someone to design a thigh holster I can wear under a dress for my P238. Sorry but having the gun placed on outside thigh imprints just a bit! What is so hard about inside the thigh? Maybe I need to design that myself.

9. A SIRT Laser training pistol from NextLevel Training. I so want this! Think of all the ammo money I would save!

10. Again, full sponsorship where ALL of my travel and match fees are covered. And did I mention ammo?

11. Truck and Cyclone 5th wheel toy hauler paid for and covered in logos of all of my sponsors. Take a year orย  two and travel around the country to every match we can possibly go to. (I like the 5th Wheel because of the back room which can be made in to a loading room and of course a jewelry studio for me.) Ooh! And when stationed you can open the back “garage” door and prop it so that it becomes an outdoor deck.. Party time!

12. Last but not least, World Peace. (Picture me wearing tiara and sash in a gun-metal dress. Instead of holding roses I am holding my new 6.5 Creedmore)

That is all.

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