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cavecreekspikeybush cavecreektrail cavecreektrailsign cavecreekmeI have learned a big lesson this last three weeks. Exercise matters. I returned home from ShotShow with the annual Shotshow crud. It was a full blown flu. Of course working out was the last thing on my mind. Three weeks later I am still suffering from sinus headaches. But I used this as an excuse not to workout. This last week especially I was feeling better but I had lost my mojo. Every day that went by made it even more difficult to put on my sneakers and get the heck out there. I was having a tough time getting out of bed in the morning. That is just not me. I do not expect to race right back in to my full workout but I even stopped my daily walk with Kozmo. I normally walk Kozmo an hour each morning up Queen Anne hill in Seattle. Trust me; he has not been happy about it either. I became unmotivated to really do anything. Work suffered, I have not written any blogs, I was procrastinating from every chore and all went to hell. Well it seemed that way anyway.

So, it is true. Exercise makes everything better. I flew down to Phoenix yesterday for the week to compete in the Berger SW Long Range Nationals. As soon as I got to my hotel I forced myself to put on my tennis shoes and go for a walk. I will admit that the clear warm skies helped motivate me. Today after our morning coaching session at the range I found the Cave Creek Regional Park just south of me in Phoenix. A beautiful state park with miles of trails. The hike I took was about 4 miles. Perhaps the lack of Mojo was all in my head but I feel so much better. I gained my confidence back. I feel better going to this competition this week. No I do not have a workout routine to share with you this week. I am really just ranting and raving a bit here. Like taking that first walk I am writing my first blog in 3 weeks. The cobwebs are out of my head. I am sharing my belief in how important it is to stay active. Your whole life depends on it. Just put on those tennis shoes and get out there.

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