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If we lose the ability to balance ourselves then we might as well call it quits. As we get older especially, stability and balance are very important to your health. For competition shooting I need good balance to get me through some courses of fire. Our rifles are heavy and at times have to get in to weird positions or balance on edges or one foot to hit awkwardly placed targets. I’ve had 3gun matches that I had to run across a narrow beam and shoot from it. Or we have to shoot from a swinging platform. You can’t go wrong in maintaining an exercise routine that strengthens your balance. This is also the benefit of a strong core which I have discussed many times. Simple things like lifting one foot to put on a sock or shoe without support will tell you right away if this is an area you should work on.

There are many exercises you already do that address balance that you may not be aware of. Lunges or walking lunges are a good example. Here are a couple of exercises to mix in to your routine.

One Legged Row Reach

30calgalshootfit30calgalonelegrowWith 10 pound weights in each hand. Standing straight lift left leg slightly and keep it near right ankle. Raise your arms straight above your head. Keeping your balance on the right foot bring your left arm down to the right foot and then back up straight to the top again. Do 20 reps and repeat on the left side.









Lift Off

30calgalfly30calgalflystart (2) Stand with feet together, arms at sides. Hinge forward from hips until back is parallel to ground, arms extended down. Simultaneously lift left leg behind you and raise arms directly out to sides. Maintaining hinge position, lower arms and leg so that they are a few inches off ground; repeat for 1 minute. Switch legs for next circuit.




Bench Lunge

30calgalbenchlungestart (2)30calgalbenchlungeThis is great for the glutes but requires good balance to be efficient. Hold weights in each hand. Amount of weight is up to you. I use 10 pound weights. Stand a couple of feet away from a bench with bench behind you. Lift right and place toe on bench. Make sure left leg and foot are far enough in front of you that when you lunge your knee does not bend in front of toes. Perform 10 lunges. Switch legs and do 10 more.


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