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Yea! I came in second place! Today was the 600 yard prone portion of the match. I was 1 X from winning. 3 of us tied for a 597/600. Trent from Oregon got 34X. Myself I got 35 X and Mike Maurer got the winning 36 X. Nice job Mike! (Score sheet in photo)

This match is a 3 day event. First day is the prone at 600 yards. Second day, tomorrow, is across the course and Monday is team and CMP Leg. Is this what I wanted to do for my holiday weekend? Well, yes. Especially after today’s results. Although, this is the second match in a row I have come in second to X counts.  “Take a deep breath Anette. It will happen. You will get your match win. In fact you will make history in Canada at the end of this month”. (I have been reading “With Winning In Mind” and have my cue cards all around the house that I read telling me I am the winner of The 2010 BC Target Rifle Championship) So now you have to keep reading this blog. Suspenseful no?

The All Guard team had some “big” ammo in the back of one of their trucks. In this second photo I am wearing a belt of 50 caliber ammo linked. Ready to be fed in the gun. I am holding my little 223 in my hand. They are so big they look fake! But no, no. So real and so so cool.

Tomorrow I pull out my AR15 for the across the course match. I have been practicing a lot at the local Police Range. My seated rapid is coming along nicely. I have a personal and difficult challenge to match or beat Charles. But how does that work if I am improving but so is he? He will always be ahead of me? I am sneaking up on you “Shnookums”. Hee-hee. He hates it when I call him that. Well, in public especially. Meet you at the range at 08:00!

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can…………”

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