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What is a Creedmoor you ask? If you tie someone in a match with exact score and exact X count, you need to determine the winner by the final shot of the day. Whoever got an X on the last shot will take it. If they both got an X then you keep counting back shots. At Machias today in the still winter like conditions of Seattle we had a 500 yard prone match. It did not take long for me to drop a 9 today. I think it was around the 5th round in the first string. I just could not get comfortable. I pulled the shot out to the right. I called it. Sure enough a 9. The second string was a lovely 200 with 18X. OK, I am still in this I am thinking. 3rd string I had a trigger finger freeze!

You are in position. The site looks great and you are ready to pull the trigger. But nothing is happening. My brain and finger were not connecting. I could not pull the trigger! I should have taken the round out and dry fired a few shots. Instead I forced it and pulled another 9. Well I thought I was out of the running for sure at that point. No one in the winners circle would drop 2 points right? Well, never give up. You never know what the others are doing. Kelly Bachand cleaned today with 47 X. Nice! Then it was Bud Solis and I competing for 2nd place. I had no idea. We both had 598/600 with 41X. Congrats to Tanner Dennison who won the service rifle category. Jay Christopherson won the F Class.

I guess I can’t expect to have the Magic Mojo with me every time I compete. Although it would be nice. Still, very nice scores today. I am happy. Tomorrow we have the first approved High Power Across The Course match. Dusting off my AR again and out I go. Can’t wait! I miss shooting the “little guy”.

“Shoot Like A Girl! IF You Can……”

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