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One of my new favorite blogs these days is by a couple of NW guys, and fellow precision rifle competitors, called The 6.5 Guys, that discusses the PRS sport and and gear that goes along with it. I am also a follower of their Youtube channel which I recommend you do as well if you want to get in to this game. I have noticed in the last year of precision rifle competitions that the tripod is a valuable asset to have. Most of the time when a stage calls for the offhand position, unless otherwise stated people can use a tripod. Easy enough but you realize quickly that not all tripods are alike. You need to think of weight since you are carrying everything with you for 10 hours a day. And of course stability is your number one importance.This is different than a photographer’s tripod. Think of it as a tactical tripod.

Ed and Steve of the 6.5 Guys discussing shooting tripods. Photo by 6.5 GuysEd and Steve the 6.5 Guys take a look at a small selection of tripod gear shooters typically employ. They discuss the tripod gear they are currently using and talk about the rationale behind their choices.  Steve and Ed also provide a brief overview of some of the techniques they are currently using to shoot off a tripod support from different positions (kneeling, seated, standing).

Ed and Steve employ different techniques – one uses a ball head and the other doesn’t.  You can also see how a sling can be used to control elevation and stabilize the rifle.  Most importantly they explain why they have adopted their respective techniques and this illustrates how different things work for different shooters.  In other words, just because something works for somebody else, your equipment and physique may dictate something else.  The 6.5 Guys also discuss the differences between the Hog Saddle and the lower cost Pig Saddle.

The video is about 27 minutes and worth every minute of it. Subscribe to the 6.5 Guys Youtube Channel while you are at it.


5 Responses to “6.5 Guys Discuss Tripods For Precision Rifle Game”

  1. Francis Roubique (Bert)

    The video was great I learned a lot . I am a disabled vet and I have to stand and need a two point shooting attachment in order to kill paper targets.I have been looking at the Caldwell field pro magnum for around $200 . I shoot a 30-06 at 3 to 500 yes. Do You think this would be a good unit to purchase or would You have a different product that might work better . Weight not a big issue, I go to a Rifle range or shoot on My property. Thanks for Your dedication to teaching us part timers who still love to shoot.

  2. Michael Fujioka

    Thank you for taking the time to share both of your views on tripod use. I liked your comments about the “HOG” and “PIG” saddles and comparing the use with and without the Ball Head using a heavy rifle. I just got back from a Prairie Dog hunt in Colorado and used a 14.5 lb rifle and found that the Bog Pod that I had used for a few years giving out due to the weight of my new heavier rifle. Thus the search for a better solution lead me to your video.

  3. Brett

    Thank yall for this! Learned a whole hell of a lot! Just got a Bergara and the fact y’all went over so many different tripods helped tremendously! Can’t wait to ring some steel!

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