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I spent a long week in LA for the “audition”. I flew home Friday and Charles picked me up and we drove directly to Richland in eastern Wa for a match he wanted to shoot. It is freezing cold this time of year and I was tired and was going to just hang out in town and maybe go visit some of the MANY famous wineries in this area. Well it just happened that a firearms instructor, Scott Hawkins, that I have been trying to reach for training was there as well teaching a day long firearm instruction class. I watched my wine sipping thoughts spill away and took advantage of this great opportunity. Besides, it was going to be at an indoor range.

As you know, my specialty is high power. But I need a lot more experience with pistols and other firearms. Especially if I make it to Top Shot! The school is called Practical Edge Shooting. I thought at first it might be too much of a beginner’s course for me but I was pleasantly surprised. Taught by Jon Law and Scott, it covered firearm safety, which one can never have too much of, it showed us a variety of pistols and their functions and of course lots of live fire. I have had a habit of “flinching” when firing a pistol. That is when you anticipate the gun going off and you try to help it along. You end up shooting low. Not good if you want to hit the bulls eye. By the end of the day I was hitting multiple tiny targets while shooting rapid fire. I hit them all square on. Not a flinch in site!

The 3 hour drive from Seattle is well worth it. I thought the fee was reasonable and the class well organized and thorough. The instructors of Practical Edge Shooting have amazing credentials and also train the professional law enforcement field. I will try to make their level 2 class later this spring. This will involve holsters, multiple targets and shooting while moving! I like the “run n gun” idea! I will make a weekend out of it and finally go sip lots of wine. After the class of course.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can……..”

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