30CalGal Jewelry

30calgal, Anette Wachter jewelry line of gun and bullet necklaces and earrings. Made of 9mm, 308 and 223 brass cartridges.


I have many more jewelry designs at my AW Collections/Etsy store. Not only do I make gun jewelry but many statement necklaces and bracelets from everyday wear to weddings.

A portion of sales of all of my jewelry from AW Collections is split between 3 awesome groups. USO, The NW Parkinson’s Foundation and The US Rifle Team. I hope someday to be rich from this to give them tons of money!

I make all of my jewelry pieces by hand. The Winchester Drop necklaces are made of fired brass and sparkled up with a Swarovski crystal as the primer.

My Swarovski crystal bullet necklaces are of course primer and powder free. I make these in .223 and 9mm.

Thanks, Anette