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Yea! I must pat myself on the back. I cleaned the first string at 800. So out of 150 points I got 150 points with 8X. At 900 yards I cleaned it again but with 6X. At 1000 yards, well, oops. I did drop 8 points. BUT! That makes it a total for the day which was about 15th place overall. There are about 100 shooters. I was very happy with my scores here. The mirage was switching like crazy! My team match with Bud was awesome. We only dropped 2 points. When I coached him we cleaned it again. Once again there are VERY few women here.

There are 3 of us. And the other two are a mother/daughter duo who are both national champions. They also run this match working for Burger Bullets. I am 6 points behind mom. She only dropped 2 for the day.

Whew. I need a beer now. I think we are going out for Mexican food. Perhaps a margherita.

“Shoot Like a Girl! If You Can…..”

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