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I could not be happier! The days keep getting better. One sometimes has to pinch themselves wondering if the streak may end. I have proven myself to myself and others that I can hold my own. My first string of the day which was a match in itself I cleaned 200/200 with 14X! (See photo of score card! 2nd photo is looking down just a portion of the shooting line today.) At 1000 yards! I won that match and it was an ANY Rifle/ANY Sight match. Which means I beat everyone with scopes also. YEA BABY!

Second string was also great at 199/200 with 11X. Not enough to beat the scopes that time but still an awesome score.

Bud and I did end up being Match Winners in the Team event only dropping 4 points out of 400. We got our award tonight at the B-bque. I had mentioned earlier in an entry that my goal was to try out for the US Palma Team. Well, because of this match I may have been given the ok to go to a US Palma practice for 3 days in May. I guess I turned some heads! This brings me one step closer and way faster than I ever thought possible to my goal. I would be so fortunate to just train with them even if I don’t make team until next World Cup.

Tomorrow is the last day. Whew. I am tired. 3 more strings at 1000 yards again. These will be ANY rifle/Iron Sights. So one can shoot a service rifle or match or palma rifle, etc. Just no scopes. This is right up my alley!

“Shoot Like A GIrl! If You Can………”

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