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The last day was definitely the hardest. Not only has it been 5 days in a row of shooting but it was the coldest and windiest day. A huge rain storm hit the night before. I am still learning to read wind and mirage. Actually I do really well at it. But I am not used to 1000 yards as much as 600 yards in the NW. THe wide open plains of the desert cause a lot of switches which makes the value of increases or let offs worth more. But my scores were awesome.

First string of day at 1000 yards was 199/200 with 12X! Second string was 197/200 with 7X! Final string of day was trickiest with the most switches. A 187/200 with 6X. I was still very happy with these scores.

So! Overall I won the Grand Aggregate of the entire week of my Expert Class. My scores were High Master so I will be getting my new High Master card in the mail any day! I was a Match Winner of the ANY/ANY at one string of 1000 with my 200 and 14X. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With Match Winner of the Team event also I got about $110 of my entry fees back and I won 15 boxes of Berger Bullets. That is 1500 bullets! To buy these would be about $500 – $700. SCORE!

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can……”

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