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Ben Avery Range in Phoenix. A very long shooting line.

I was so happy last week to hand off all of my shooting gear and rifle to my friend Darrell who drove down to this match in Phoenix. I was looking forward to flying for once without my gear. What could go wrong now? Just get on the plane. Was I not surprised when TSA found 2 40cal magazines in the outside pocket of my carry on? I used this bag one time shooting pistols and I totally forgot to check it before I left. Oops! They felt my surprise was sincere and did not fine me and allowed me to ship the mags back home. Phew! It is not easy to put together Tanfoglio extended magazines. I would have cried if they had confiscated them. They were empty by the way. On another good note my gear and Darrell made it safely down here.

We had an early start of 7:30 this morning at the range to get squaded. The parking lot was already full. The turnout for this match gets bigger every year. We have shooters from the UK, Scotland and one kid from S Africa. The best shooters in the country come out to this. Day one was the mid

Sunny and warm day in the pits at Ben Avery

range match all at 600 yards. My RPA shot beautifully and I was super happy with the loads I had for this match. Normally I have Lapua cases and measure 46.5 grains of Varget. Since we shipped all the Lapua ammo to S Africa I was left with Winchester. We bumped up the load to 47 grains. Of course I had Nosler 155 bullets. The wind was so light it was mainly a mirage day. But I still got caught on one let up the second to last shot of my first string. It blew at a perfect 9:00 to the left. So close to a clean with 11X. That would have put me at a tie for 2nd for that string. Second string mid way through I had a shot I must have favored to much and it squeaked out again to the left same spot. 149/150 9X. The final string I finally pulled out a clean but my X count dropped a bit. 150 8X. Overall I felt confident today and a had a solid position. One thing I am realizing is that my trigger is a smidge heavy. I am not familiar with adjusting Quadlocks so I will try to recruit my pal Ricky Hunt tomorrow morning who has about 5 of these rifles.

One thing I loved about today and I am hoping will be constant throughout the week is that 3 women were at the top. Trudy Fay of New Mexico was match winner, Nancy Tompkins was 3rd and myself 5th HM. That’s right. Girl Power!

30CalGal – “Shoot Like A Lady! If You Can…..”

Berger SW Long Range Nationals 600 Yard Final Scores



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