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My team. Left to right – Oliver Milonovic, Jim Cobbs, Michael Toliver, myself and our coach Doug Frerichs center.

Brrrrrr! The temp dropped 30 degrees today. Mostly cloudy and damp from rain last night. And windy. Again. We shot 2 individual strings at 1000 and then the final team match there as well. For the first time this week I was on relay one instead of three. I did well and only dropped 4 points this morning. It was still windy but nothing like the later strings. My second string did not go as well. Since I shot first in the morning I was on the last string of the day for my second one. The windiest. As I dropped way too many points, Brian Litz the Berger ballistics wonderboy shot a clean 200/200 with 11X right next to me.  He hardly broke a sweat. Amazing shooting.

Congratulations to Trudy Fay for her win today also. Doug our team coach took second. They as well as myself were shooting Palma rifles. Brian Litz took the Any category and of course Nancy was again at the top with the number two spot. If you take a look at score sheet there were many great scores for the conditions today. All of these shooters have been at this a

Doug coaching me during team event today. So nice to have someone else reading the wind for you! And he did well.

long time and their experience shows. Did I mention how cold it was today? Oh yes I did. Well it was. I hung out inside the Berger promo tent whenever I possibly could. Still cool but at least it blocked the wind. I almost  drug it over to my firing point to shoot out of. The last string of the day was the team event part two.

Our team had a little boo boo. We were humming along fine and one team member shot 2 misses for his sighters. They did not understand what was happening yet. Unfortunately the first 3 rounds for record came up misses. It was not until then that he realized his rear sight was loose and flopping around. The sight base housing where the screw was was stripped and caused the sight to come loose each time he shot. This must have happened some time between the last string and this one. Bummer. But as I know, unfortunately from experience, that stuff happens. You feel terrible.  I still enjoyed shooting with all of them and I hope to be able to again. Every match I go to I get to know people better and it is the best experience in the world. As you will notice in the team photo at top all of us shooters are very tall. Our coach Doug is well….not so much. They were going to call us 4 and 1/2 men.

Taking over the small bore facility for our dinner with prize table.

We finished the night with the annual bbqe dinner. The group was so large this year they had to put us in the small bore building instead of the club house. This is when they draw names for the prize table. There were two Night Force scopes up there along with books from Berger for reloading, Brian Litz’s ballistics, Nancy’s new book, lots of loading equipment and of course bullets from Berger and Sierra. I did not get a scope. 🙁 My name was drawn but not until the very end. I received a 25% off certificate at Remington’s Country Store. Not sure what they will have for me but I will check it out. We have one final day tomorrow shooting two more string at 1000 yards as individual. We should be finished around 2 and I get to drive back to the airport for home. Enjoy the extra photos.

30CalGal – Shoot Like A Lady! If You Can….”

Team final agg scores for today Feb. 9th.

Second set of scores for team match. We are somewhere down here. 🙁

Berger SW Nationals 1000 yard individuals day one

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