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Nancy Tomkin’s new long range shooting book. My autographed copy!

The photo at left is of Nancy Tompkin’s new book she just published. We have all been waiting for this for a while. This is her second book. The first came out in 2006. For those of you not in the High Power world, Nancy is an institution. She has many years of experience, national records and national championships. She has won the Leach Cup at Perry several times. She can read wind. I call her…. Wind Ninja. To order her book you can go to  The book covers iron sights, F-Class, scopes, wind reading and mental performance. Her husband Mid who also is a legendary shooter writes about loading and equipment in some chapters. And this one is hard back and in color. I have a signed copy. 🙂 But I wish I had reread the wind reading chapter last night.

Today was Palma individual at 800, 900 and 1000 yards. Palma is iron sights and has to be 308 caliber. (If photo of scores is too blurry I will take another one tomorrow.) I was skipping along just fine at 800 yards. I had a stellar clean 150/150 with 11X. There were several cleans as expected since it was calm. Then the second and 3rd strings at 900 just got pummeled. The winds came up to about 6 minutes and it switched back and forth several times. It hovered barely at 11:00 or 1:00 – 2:00 on either side. I dropped 11 points! It turns out so did most everyone else. Except Nancy of course. I think this is one of the lowest scoring Palma matches I have seen in awhile. Nancy’s epic win today was with 10 points dropped. At 1000 yards the pain was doubled. There were misses left and right. People getting blown off of the target. I did not have one but

2013 SW Nationals Palma Individual Scores

still lost 12 points again. I have to say I had so much fun turning that wind knob. Most of my adjustments were on call. I tried waiting out the wind but it just did not want to come back when you needed it to. I barely finished 1000 yard string in time trying to wait. I am actually happy I stayed in the middle of the pack for the day overall. Considering how often I actually get to shoot at 1000 yards I am okay with this. The folks who live down here in Phoenix have practices here at Ben Avery 4 times a week and every weekend there is a match. No fair! I would so love that opportunity. Hey Charles? When are we retiring and snow-birding down here??? The unofficial scores are listed in photo at left. I have to say nice shooting to everyone out there today. It was a tough one. I did make some changes today that made a great difference in my shooting.

I struggle a bit with my sight picture view at the longer ranges. In the past I have always had a fairly tight white circle around the black. I used to think it was wide. I finally decided to crank it wide open. At 1000 I framed the target frame. I did this in Perry and got my 14X at 1000 during a team match. I had only one elevation shot all day and it was a low 10. I accept that. Amazing how your eyes will naturally center that black inside the front ring. Sheesh. By the time this match is over I may just figure some things out.

For my friends on the other side of the pond I apologize for not having stats and a blog

More 600 yard scores 2013 Berger SW Nationals

entry yesterday. So here we go. Below is the full page for Wednesday’s 600 yard and also there is the team matches from yesterday in 2 photos. Sorry guys but the US beat your teams. 🙂 I hope I get squadded with someone from the UK or Scotland one of these last two days left. Tomorrow we are at 1000 yards all day ending with a team match. Then comes my favorite part of this match which is the Saturday night dinner with awards and prize table drawings. Last time I won a $1200 certificate for a US Optics scope. Could I be so luck again? We had over 200 shooters today and tomorrow the weekend may be many more. Hope we can all fit in the club house. Hope there is enough brisket for me.

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2013 Berger SW Nationals Palma team scores

2013 SW Nationals Palma Team scores part 2









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