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Number one rule. Do not cross fire! It is bad enough to do it on an individual match. But a team match? Never! I am sick to my stomach over it. I take things to heart too much sometimes and knowing me, I will not sleep tonight.

My individual match today went fairly well. It  was no where near a winning score but the conditions were pretty switchy and I still held on. Remember, 1000 yard wind reading is a sport in itself for me. Anyway, I shot a 196/200 with 7 X. So this dropped me to 11th place overall. Still happy with that. We had another Washingtonian make it to the Shoot off today. Good job Gary Rassmesen.

Tomorrow is my last chance to shine. All day of Palma only shooting. I am sure we will loose half the people. All of the scope and service rifle shooters are packing up and going home. We will be shooting at 800, 900 and 1000 tomorrow. My goal is to be in the top 10 by the time tomorrow is over. I can do this. I would love to do this  for my dad. I wish he could understand what I am doing. I know he would be so happy for me. I talk to him and tell him every detail when I see him but not sure if he understands. This man who has always been so strong and supportive. He has taken a turn for the worse in his health in the last month or so. His Parkinson’s I think will take him from us soon. I actually pray that it does.

Sorry, I am so crazy tired tonight. Maybe a bit homesick, emotional, whatever. A much earlier start tomorrow to register so I am going to bed early. I will go to bed thinking of only X’s and be more upbeat in my entry tomorrow. 🙂

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can………”

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