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I had quite the laugh today. And so did everyone else at my expense. We are shooting V targets instead of our digits target. So a V is the X ring. When I shot V’s my partner would call out “Weeble”. “What’s a weeble I said.” Um, no Anette, it is “V-Bull”. Did not help that he was a Brit and had the accent. Oh my.

Well today was a good day over all. Not to mention gorgeous weather. Unfortunately I did not have a 300 meter 0 when we started so I had 2 misses as sighters and my next two took forever to come down. My fault! Those two shots dropped 7 points off the bat. Ouch! That match hopefully was not an important one. But everything after that were cleans. I dropped 2 9’s (sorry, 4’s, V target scoring) all day. The flags and mirage were really misleading. But I felt there were no adjustments needed. I was right. I only had 1/4 minute either way all day. Many people over adjusted and got blown out. So I am down 9 points for the day which seems like a lot but I know others were struggling on wind. We will see! Another thing I found out is that I am not rated up here so I am back down in the Expert class. I hope I don’t get people mad at me for sand bagging again! There are many tiny differences shooting this International stuff.

I am glad to have others to keep me straight. First, at every string you move 2 targets over to the right. One must really pay attention to your number. Second, The bulls eye is tiny! It feels like an F Class bull. I think it is only about 2-3 inches? Even with the 5 ring (our 10) it is a total of 4 – 5 inches or so. No room for error! 3rd, a nice and civilized thing is that we break for lunch for 45 minutes. Amazing! I think it is mostly for the target pullers but hey, I will take it. Of course shooting in pairs is new for me. And when both are done shooting we each have to look down each others barrels and have a range master come over and do so also before we put chamber flags in and leave the line.

I forgot to mention that we did actually shoot at 400 meters today. So I am glad we practiced that yesterday. Strange because I did not see it in the original match schedule. Tomorrow we shoot 300, 500 and 600 then have a team match. I was asked again to be on the Wranglers. Thank you Gary, Wayne and Ricky for having me on your team. I am flattered. Then we will have a 6 person US Team for International event. I was asked to be on that also. Most of these guys are on the US Palma Team. Great group of shooters. So cool!

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can…………”

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