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christmas gun gifts 30calgal

Christmas 2015! Where did the time go? Besides the normal Christmas season chaos this time of year reminds me that Shotshow is only a few weeks away as well. Double chaos! Well first things first. Gifts. The world of women and firearms has been and is still growing by leaps and bounds. The industry is packed with amazing guns, accessories and clothing for women and especially by women owned businesses. I wish I could give a mention to every product out there but that is nearly impossible. I have chosen a great list from personal experiences of the products and also knowing the people and companies behind them and their love of the industry. Ladies you no longer have to wear the concealed carry vest or the ugly faux leather fanny pack. Better yet you do not have to ever own a plane black gun or range bag again. Cerakotes, patterned grips or magazine bases, leopard print range bags, lace thigh high holsters, Hunting clothes that make you still look like a woman, you name it it is out there. Of course I will even give a shameless plug to my line of gun jewelry. I hope you enjoy this list of gifts and I especially hope you go out and buy some. Tell them 30calgal sent you.


Corset Holster by Dene Adams – deneadamscorsetholsterAt first I thought this might be a bit bulky to wear on its own let alone with a gun tucked away in it. But I was very pleasantly surprised that it was not. And it is comfortable. These have a light weight, dry-wicking fabric and is stretchy. It can hold a pistol up to 7.5 inches in length. I have found you can even hold your cell phone, lipstick and ID, credit card in one side. Night out is organized! These come in a many sizes and a variety of colors. I love mine. Start at $119.


AVA Holster – FlashBang Holsters

avaholsterflashbangI can’t tell you how much I wear this. Pretty much every day. I most likely have shared this with you every Christmas. It is a must have. A super comfortable inside the waist holster. They offer it for tons of pistol and revolver makes and models. I use mine for my Sig P238. Did I say I love this thing? The lining is a beautiful purple suede, at least mine is, they may change that color, and this keeps it from sweating against your skin. Curved for our bodies and I place it at my back but can be at side or front as well. Flash Bang is the home of the famous bra holster too! The AVA is $59.99.


Concealment Leggings – UnderTech

concealleggingsI am so excited these have come out I can’t contain myself. I wear their holster compression shorts and now the leggings are out! In the NW it is not always so warm and I wear leggings to run in or hike. But these are nice enough I have friends that wear them with an outfit. The elastic really holds on to your gun. Running or not. LOVE! $79.95

Other Great Gifts

AR15 Hand Guard – Off Hand Gear


A great company and a great owner. Sandi is top notch in the industry and she has designed many awesome products for women and their guns. If you do not want to be another black rifle out on the range but still want to be awesome than you need one of these hand guards. Several different cut out patterns and colors are offered. The color options are truly beautiful. Shown is The Fleur D’Lis Vine and she has an amazing rose and skull pattern too. Available in 9″, 12″ and 15″. $225.


Jewelry – 30CalGal Jewelry

30calgal jewelry

Of course what kind of a business person would I be if I did not plug my own product? Using a combination of recycled ammunition, precious metals and stones I have a growing line of bullet jewelry. Most pieces one would not even know you are wearing ammunition. They just look like beautiful accessories. My newest addition is the precision rifle pendant necklace made of PMC Bronze. (1911 pistol shape also) These pieces are hand cut and embossed and then fired in a kiln. Prices start at $40 and will arrive gift wrapped. Can be found right here at!


CCW Ipad/Tablet Case –

leopard ccw ipad tablet case

If you know me then you know I am a fan of animal prints. They will never go out of style. Add the prints to a chic and practical item and you have a winner. Here is an Ipad/Tablet cover and case that also conceals your firearm. This is on my list this year. $99.95

AR15/AR10 – Devil Dog Arms

devil dog arms ar15 ar10

For the big gift under the tree why not the entire build? Of course I am biased toward DDA because I shoot their rifles but I would not shoot them if I did not like them. And they have coatings that are other than black. Shown are my two rifles in 223 and 308. The beautiful color is a Nib-X coating. DDA has also teamed up with the lovely Natalie of Girl’s Guide To Guns and offers a line of rifle builds in several custom colors only available through them. Starting at $1399.

Last But Not Least – Precision Rifle Build – Rainier Arms


My goal is to lure as many women as possible in the precision rifle game. I can not tell you how awesome this sport is! Imagine sniper games. Long distance shooting on steel targets out in natural surroundings. My recent build is this one shown which is now sold through Rainier Arms based out of Washington. The builds are put together by H&H Precision, which is also the brand on the action. Rem 700 format action put in to the new Orias chassis system designed and manufactured by Killer Innovations and Mega Arms. All of these companies are out my neck of the woods in the Pacific NW. Available in black or the Nickel Boron coating you see pictured here. Again, for the ladies! You do not need to have black! Starting at $4095.95 (Yes that is a big purchase but hey you are worth it!)

There are many great companies out there that offer fun gun gift ideas. has many of these items I have listed also. GWGClothing has awesome fitted hunting clothes and accessories for women. If you like my FB Page, Instagram – @30calgal and Twitter I will keep you in the loop of fun things! As much as I love giving and receiving gifts, this time of year is my time to be with family and close friends. I love the twinkly lights everywhere and the decorated trees, the smell of cookies and great food. It is the time we celebrate the birth of Christ. Merry Christmas everyone and may 2016 bring you even more health, happiness, love and of course success.






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