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5.11tacticalAs I was sitting on the beach today in Hawaii, (hate me yet?), Charles brought his Ipad with a video and said he found me on the internet. I had no idea what he meant and then he showed me the new Ballistic Nutcracker video by 5.11 Tactical. Great clips of professional, military and LE shooters from matches and sniper stuff to the tune of the Nutcracker. Turns out I am in it for about 2 seconds. Hey it’s two seconds! Looks like it was a footage clip from the Trijicon World Shooting Championship in September. Don’t blink at all but when you see a close-up of girl shooting lever action rifle that is me. You will see many famous faces in this so I am honored to be part of it. Taran Butler and more. Nice job 5.11.

Aloha and Merry Christmas

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