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Kozmo and I hanging in the kitchen of our condo holding a pistol. You know, like one does.

Kozmo and I hanging in the kitchen of our condo holding a pistol. You know, like one does. Photo by Erika Shwartz of The Seattle Times

About two months ago a photo journalist contacted me from the Seattle Times asking if I would be part of an article they were running on conceal carry permits in the State of Washington. Of course my first reaction was hesitant. Can a predominantly left leaning newspaper in a very left leaning city write a complimentary article on gun issues? I really liked Erika Schultz the photographer and she was originally from one of our countries gun loving states so I trusted her and said yes. Well The Times pulled through and the article was just released today. I love it. And most of the comments on the on-line version have been positive as well. Albeit for one nut job that keeps responding to everyone’s comments with “Paranoid!”. That is to be expected I suppose. There is always one in every bunch. I recruited two other of my gun totin’ girlfriends as well and they made it in to the article. My dog Kozmo also made it in. Erika is a great photographer and was great to interview with.

Here is the article. Enjoy!

Concealed-carry permits skyrocket, especially for women

The number of Washington state residents receiving a concealed-carry permit tripled between 2005 and 2012. The surge has been especially large among women, whose ranks have swelled twice as fast as men since 2011. Overall, more than 451,000 residents now have a permit…………

Seattle Times Article

17 Responses to “Conceal Carry Permits For Women Have Gone Through The Roof”

  1. D.P. Van Blaricom

    Always remember, “When ‘seconds’ count, the police are only ‘minutes’ away!” D.P. Van Blaricom, Chief of Police (Ret), Bellevue, WA

  2. Charlie Foxtrot

    I found myself looking at the dawg – not the beautiful brunette. I didn’t even notice the gun (Sig?)

    Man, I’ve been married tooooo long. 😉

  3. ken

    Your piece in the Times’ photo looks like a Kahr .380 rather than a Sig (?). Great article and I’m glad you didn’t get slimed by the very liberal Seattle press. Keep firing!

    Ken Ehlers
    Bellingham. (Kimber, Glock, Walther, Colt, Browning)

    • 30calgal

      Hi Ken, It is the Sig P238! The response was pretty good overall of the article. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Aaron Geisler

    A good article, I live on Bainbridge Island and am one of the few. The paper doesn’t realize Bainbridge is in Kitsap County, but I really liked the article.

  5. Curt Wilson

    I was pleasantly surprised to see the positive article on Sunday. It was nice to see you representing the carry community in such a positive manner. Keep it up!

  6. OldSoldier

    Mama (Wife) gave me a SIG 238 for a summertime CC. She liked it so much and complimented it so often, I gave her an SAS Version for her birthday. Small, compact, well built and reliable. Enjoy it.

  7. Joseph Adcock

    hey 30 cal gal take a combat pistol course just getting a CCW aint going to do SHIT unless you have some skills to use it

  8. Paul

    Good article, thanks for writing it. I live in eastern WA, but am originally from Victoria, BC, which is even more left than Seattle. That said, the attitude there didn’t rub off onto me, and with that, my spouse and I are both CPL holders who take responsibility for our own safety. I also volunteer helping victims of very serious crimes, and I know what it means if the police are minutes away. In fact, it happened to us one night a couple of years ago, and we were so glad to be able to protect ourselves.

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