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I saw another long range shooter using this gizmo last weekend. “I must have that!” When lying down prone with rifle in position you have your ammunition box next to you to pull rounds from. Normally the box is flat and at that angle you have to feel around a bit for them. I always find myself trying to prop the box at an angle so I can see the rounds to grab. Well! A fellow shooter’s dad is a machinist and saw the obvious need for something. He made the Bullet Block! It is small and light and you can trade out blocks for whatever size ammo you need. Each block holds 25 rounds. I just bought two this morning. One for my 308’s and one for my 223’s. Check out Mark’s website for other creative devices. . I can’t wait to use it for the Championship in AZ next month. I hope to refer lots of business to Mark! So cool!

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can…..”

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