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Charles and I decided the other night that I should go to Chilliwack, BC for the 126th BC Target Rifle Championship. My goal is to go to Australia next year as an individual competitor. I need international format experience. (I will explain what I mean in another entry.) Many of our friends have done Canadian matches and taken rifles across the border but I am not familiar with all of the details.

The match director of the BC range was here last month at Rattlesnake and handed out the paper work for going across to Canada. He had to sign a form with my name on it that confirmed I was shooting at their range and the match date and details. Then I have to make 3 copies of a customs form that wants details of the gun I am taking. Really only a couple of types of guns are even allowed in. My bolt action is one of them. But now I have to get the paper work and approval from US Customs so that I can come back in to our country.

I just called our local Customs office and I need to take my rifle to them and we fill out paper work and they have to verify exactly what I am taking across so that when I come back I can’t sneak in an “accessory” I did not go up with. What goes up must be the same coming down! Overall, not a big deal. Now let’s see what happens when I actually try to drive across. Female in RT Charger with huge rifle. Hmmmmmmmmm. Seems suspicious? I am sure I will have missed something important they require. Oh well. Part of the adventure right?

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can……….”

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