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Day 1, practice day. Charles and I started driving down here from Seattle last Saturday morning. We took a leisurely 3 days to make the trip. We stayed the first night in Grants Pass, OR and from there went through the Redwood forest and cut over to 101 coastal highway to Eureka and then head back over to I-5 to finish the route to Jackson, CA. Photo at right is me standing next to an average sized redwood tree. They are huge! And yes, that is Kozmo in the front. We had pretty bad weather the entire trip. It rained all the way down. By yesterday afternoon it was mostly sunny in Jackson. Our first day at the range today was very pleasant.

The weather forecast is not super warm but I will take sun with cooler temps any day. Should stay in the high 60’s all week. Today was a practice day and was a pretty good turn-out. We had about 25 people. Everyone else will show up tomorrow. This match is set up as an international match. It is a variety of distances each day. Anywhere from 300 – 1000 yards. It is 2 to a mound style shooting like we did up in Canada last year. This is Charles’ first match like this so it was good we got here for practice to get any bugs out early. We both have new barrels and sighted them in with Jim Cloward last week. The settings were right on. My first sighter at 900 yards was an X. And… so was the second shot. Whew. Not just an accident. That is a nice feeling. Since we have options of convertible sighters I want to be as close as possible to that X ring first try!

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can…….”

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