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Bob, Marty, Scott, myself and our coach Dave teamed up again today for the final day of team events. Photo at right. Well, we came in second place. Darn. But we all shot very well. We lost most points at 1000 yards. The wind was doing strange stuff and Dave didn’t always catch it. But he did well anyway. Thanks Dave! So we have one win and one second place. Not bad for a last minute pick up group. As we finished today we had a nice surprise waiting for us.

Road Kill Barbecue. The California Grizzlies which is California’s junior shooting team pulled targets for us today and then put on this amazing lunch for all of us competitors. Road Kill Bbque (in photo) made wonderful tri-tip and smoked turkey. The kid’s families made all of the side dishes. Yum! It made a nice opportunity to hang out and socialize with everyone other than on the serious firing line.

Our last day of individuals is tomorrow. I need to move from 3rd place up. No room for mistakes with Noma and Lane ahead of me. Good luck to me!

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can…..”

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