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Not light headed. A light feeling on my belt and hip. Charles found me a basic light holster at a local gun show last weekend. It fits my new Ruger SR9C perfectly. It can be worn on outside or inside of belt/pants. I wore it and of course the gun at work the other day. I almost forgot I was wearing a gun on my hip! Don’t get me wrong, it is still a big enough gun that I can’t conceal it under my shirt (remember, I’m a girl) but when I am at work I get to walk around openly carrying anything I want. Compared to my 3 1911s I have it was hardly noticeable. The top photo is of the Ruger and the bottom is of my Kimber Pro Carry. A huge size difference! Wearing the 1911’s I am actually bumping in to door ways. You really notice you are wearing it. But with the Ruger, I actually  forgot I was wearing it. Once again, because I am a girl I won’t wear the holster and gun inside my pants because all of my pants “fit” me. I am not going to up-size my wardrobe to do this. Did I mention I am a girl? We don’t do that.

The lightness of it also feels better in my purse. I was able to safely clip it to an inside pocket and it does not drag me down. I am still not sure carrying a gun in my purse is a good idea but I have been “trying it on for size” in many options. My point is that this gun is a pleasure to lug around. Now to wait for my new FlashBang holster and I can try it out with the new Sig P238 that I am going to get. Oh! Hee-hee. Charles did I mention I am getting another gun? My co-worker at West Coast Armory and gun blogger Shelley Sargent is also getting the FlashBang to try with her LCP. We shall have some interesting stories to compare. What is a FlashBang hoslter? Click the link and you will find out. Trust me, if you are male you will dig it. Now you might keep reading my blog to find out how our testing on that goes eh?

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can………”

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